Kombucha: good or bad?

When I first began brewing Kombucha, I was surrounded by lovers of the beverage. I very rarely heard any negative opinions of the drink until I returned to school after the summer and faced a hoard of Kombcha skeptics. I completely understand some people’s hesitation in consuming live cultures and there’s those who hate the taste; I confirm, it’s not for everyone. However, many of the claims I hear (good and bad) are based on unsupported claims. A kombucha lover named Michael Roussin took it upon himself to test over 1,000 samples of kombucha using a professional lab. A quick summary of some of the results that address common kombucha claims is provided in the link below.


In short, I drink kombucha because I like it. I think it tastes great and it’s a fun hobby to experiment with. If it throws good bacteria my way in the process, woohoo! If not, ah well, it’s still a tasty treat and I’ll keep drinking it.


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